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This review may contain spoilers.

I like it lol

Imma mainly address my opinions on the big concerns with this film throughout the fan base:

This seems to be the only Star Wars sequel film that is actually trying to tell a compelling story instead of just shoveling nostalgia down our throats and expecting us to love it. Now, do I agree with everything it says and does? Not necessarily. I don’t like the idea that Luke saw that Kylo was too far gone, when he didn’t see that in his father, the most notorious villain in the galaxy. But he’s still a good character, and it is such a unique and interesting idea. I love the idea that even the powerful Luke makes mistakes; I just wish they handled it in a different way. Now Rose sucks, duh, but honestly her’s and Finn’s side story isn’t too bad. I used to think it was bad, but eh. It’s fun actually. Poe can be toned down a bit, but I like the link between the three plots. And Holdo is alright; her light speed maneuver is mouth watering. So beautiful. Leia using the force is damn expecting; I have no idea why people don’t like her using it. And I LOVE Rey and Kylo in this film. Kylo killing Snoke and becoming his own “supreme leader” is an incredible plot line that I can’t get enough of. And Rey’s journey of self discovery is awesome too. Yeah I like the idea that Rey comes from  nothing. I mean, the whole series is about family ties, so this idea is SO unique and cool. Too bad the next movie screws that up lol

sooooooo yeah I really like it. Sorry

Star Wars

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