The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie ★★★★★

Let me just put it to you this way: I have an emotional attachment to the muppets that I have with no other piece of entertainment. To the point where I cry literally every single time I watch the Rainbow Connection segments in this film, at the beginning and end. 

I mean, this is one of my favorite movie series, with this film being my fifth fav movie. The og muppet show is my favorite tv show. None of that is it though...!

I don’t even relate to any of the characters or story behind them.

It’s one of those attachments that I can’t explain! It’s not even nostalgia-based except for the 2011 film, I could at least explain that!!! Maybe it is the warm feeling of family. Of love. How they are so different and weird, yet are so lovely and love each other. Maybe it is because they are struggling to gain fans nowadays and I just feel like I owe it to them to support them. Or hey Maybe it’s the comedy. The absurdity. 

Whatever it is, It’s to the point where I just look at a muppet or think of Jim Henson and smile, maybe even cry. These little puppets are everything to me. They are so insane yet so beautiful. 

I love the muppets.

As for the film itself...perfect. Well, it’s one of those films where my tag line of “comedy over plot” comes into the play. The Hopper plot with the frog legs is just a plot progresser, like it doesn’t really have much to say. And the Hollywood trip plot is just a set up for the comedy. Both plots are good, but nothing special you know. When a film with a small plot like this exists though it needs some help. And MAN Does this film get help. This film is hilarious, AND THIS FILM IS SO EMOTIONAL!!!! I was simultaneously laughing my butt off to Hare Krishna while almost crying to a blue Turkey singing. 


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