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  • The Devil

    The Devil


    The devil went down to Poland on a clearing spree. 
    Psychotic and confounding, highlighted by a score to match.  Also not lacking in humor, such as the scene when the little person throws dirt in Jacob’s face to break up a fight. 
    Lots of mention of Faust in other reviews, which I get, but I saw it more as a devil’s plaything. “It is so sad to be a toy in someone else’s hands. ”
    There is beauty in the world. It’s man which is ugly.

  • Dead Man Walking

    Dead Man Walking


    How you can make a movie pairing together Wings Hauser and Jeffrey Combs boring is beyond me. Has some glimmers of inspiration but loses all its steam after chainsaw Russian roulette (at the very beginning)

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  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    Junesploitation: New(ish) horror

    Takes a lot for me to want to watch a zombie film these days. I didn’t hate the kid

  • Wrinkles the Clown

    Wrinkles the Clown


    Fantastic Fest ya 3 round 4.
    Wanted more examples of children getting terrified or voicemails of them crying. Yes, I know what that says about me. 
    I did enjoy the “twist” toward the end and the man behind Wrinkles comparison of what he does to parents threatening their children with going to hell.