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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    it’s perfect, just perfect

  • Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    Black Mirror: Striking Vipers


    i haven’t read any of the other reviews of this episode yet but this really didnt feel like an episode of black mirror, at all. i’m used to the classic black mirror lull into false comfort and then some huge twist or reveal or something, but it felt like i was just waiting for it to pick up and it never really did. 

    i did really enjoy the visuals in the gaming world and the performances by pom klementieff and ludi lin though!

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    i still really like this movie, even though i really didn’t want to. deborah ann woll is still the most powerful avenger and my crush on logan miller has only increased, a moment most pleasing to me in my career! :)

  • Happy Death Day 2U

    Happy Death Day 2U


    give me isreal broussard or give me DEATH

  • The Batman

    The Batman

    i may hate batman but i WILL ensure that mr pattinson’s checks are being Signed and Cashed, promptly .

  • The Princess Diaries

    The Princess Diaries


    good GOD where is my michael moscovitz

  • Booksmart



    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! god give us more coming of age comedies starring women GOD!!!!!!!! 

    did feel personally attacked afterwards though because as soon as the lights turned on my mom and sister looked directly at me and said well that was basically just you in a movie............they know too much

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    this was really, really hard for me to watch but this is gonna be one of those movies that i don’t think i’ll ever forget. the pool party, the time capsule, the mall, the GRADUATION (!!!!!) scenes were all so familiar to me in a way that was genuinely painful. 

    bo burnham is one of the few men to write a coming-of-age movie centered around a young girl that feels genuine and authentic (from the movies that i’ve seen at least). elsie fisher is fantastic and made every scene feel so unbelievably real.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    before i begin, i think it's important that everyone knows that the guy next to me in the theater was reading catcher in the rye during the trailers.......

    ANYWAY, to the movie! there were some obvious pacing issues in the middle of the movie and it just felt really slow, especially compared to the first act of the movie. i’ve never really liked black widow but i still didn’t feel like she was the one that should’ve died (and yes,…

  • Les Misérables

    Les Misérables


    aaron tveit/enjolras hanging out of that window with the cape? i love Drama™️ 

    whenever i talk about this movie with people no one really knows for sure if they like it or not and i feel like that sums it up pretty perfectly. on one hand, you have performances like hugh jackman, anne hathaway, aaron tveit, and EVERYONE’S HERO GAVROCHE AKA DANIEL HUTTLESTONE which are fantastic and haunting. but on the other hand, russell crowe is in this and that is unforgivable (him in anything is unforgivable but forcing us to listen to him sing? disgusting).

  • 6 Years

    6 Years

    boys with curly hair should be outlawed for my own personal peace and safety

  • Flower



    the plot was just overall weird and the pacing was unbelievably slow

    zoey deutch is still a very cool person irl though