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  • Twin Peaks: The Return
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  • Deceit

  • Saw IV


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  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2


    [The Joe Berlinger Extended Fan Cut V.5 - Witchcraft Intro Music Version]

    When I first saw BW2 as a teenager, on VHS, I didn't like it. Especially the EXTREMELY corny post-credits "hey did you notice the wEiRd spooky easter eggs that happened during production??" special feature. And yet there was something about it that has stuck with me, aesthetically & thematically, for years, worming its way into how I thought about the feel of the genre of horror.

    Going back to…

  • Trancers


    Was driving on my favorite stretch of road up north & happened to be thinking about Trancers when this Yellowcard song came on and I laughed myself almost to tears imagining what a mid-00s-style Trancers AMV/FMV would be like. Then the idea got stuck in my head so I made it a reality. 🦑🚬🔫

    Watch here:

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  • Deceit


    I got to see about 15 seconds of this then my VCR caught on fire and it smells really horrible in my apartment now :(

  • Saw IV

    Saw IV


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    on the one hand this movie bites and doesn't make sense. on the other hand you can kind of see jigsaw's dick in the beginning if you squint. so it's impossible to say if it's good or not.

    I really despised IV as I was watching but in the morning some aspects of it have grown on me, specifically detective matthews' execution at the end & the exploding billy doll. Actually quite a bit of juicy lore in here, I like…

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  • A Computer Animated Hand

    A Computer Animated Hand

    amazing. 27 years later this thing was getting its ass kicked by super mario

  • Mistletoe Mixup

    Mistletoe Mixup

    the only people who have any sexual chemistry in this are all of the brothers