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  • The United States vs. Billie Holiday

    The United States vs. Billie Holiday


    Billie Holiday deserves to be remembered for more than her resilience to withstand tragedy. 

    The single saving grace of this movie is Andrea Day. Who, in my opinion, gave one of the best acting performances in several years, and potentially one of the best breakout performances of all time.

    However, this film, in its entirety, is an overly sexualized victimization of Billie Holiday. It grossly deduces one of history’s most influential, talented, and mysterious artists to her addiction and her…

  • The Big Sick

    The Big Sick


    A great date night movie. 

    It deals with some heavy topics while remaining beautifully endearing. And keeps a touching balance between heartbreak and dry humor in a way that is enjoyable. 

    One of the most refreshing portrayals of dealing with the grief that comes with having a loved one in the hospital. Including the positive and negative strains that it can put on relationships. 

    I love Ray Romano in this film. 

    Overall: 7/10 
    (I extremely dislike 5 star rating scales)

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  • Booksmart



    Phenomenal. Flawlessly and candidly uses comedy to portray the adolescent experience. Great balance of grownup-ness and immaturity to be both meaningful and funny. Loved that the representation of sexuality flowed so naturally. It was paced quickly to keep us laughing the entire film and the comedy wasn’t extensively over the top like other buddy comedies. Definitely an instant classic. Definitely one of the top teen films of the decade.

    Overall: 9/10
     (I extremely dislike 5 star rating scales)

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    My favorite rendition of this story. Greta showcases the very best of Little Women. Each of these actors embody their character perfectly. Greta highlights and clarifies points that are lacking in other versions. For example she gives a new dimension to Amy’s character which helps the audience to swallow her marriage to Laurie more easily. My single grievance for this film is that I wish Jo and Beth’s relationship had been fostered a bit more. However, it no way lessens…