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  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    like a dream

  • Female Trouble

    Female Trouble


    please know that when i talk about “art” and “artists” or whatever other derivation i mean it in the exact way this film presents the concept.

    divinely violently counter-counter-cultural

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  • Zodiac



    I remember watching this during the middle of the day in July, 2016, and being so afraid I spent the entire day in my bed with a baseball bat and to this day the sheer deliberately slow, dramatic mysterious horror of this movie and the memory of such overwhelming emotion it burned into my brain astounds and perplexes me in the most distressingly perverse way...and that david fincher has done it again with mindhunter gives me a will to live

  • Booksmart



    So sorry. This isn’t a real review, or at least it’s not like most of my reviews. It’s probably incoherent since I haven’t slept, but most likely I’ll write something more profound after I rewatch it this weekend.

    I drove past my old high school on the way home from Booksmart, around midnight. Graduation was either today or yesterday: I didn’t realize until I was home that I officially graduated last year on the day, May 23rd. I missed the…