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"God's a cunt."

Beyond the surface level vulgarity of that line, it really does capture the essence of what Star is trying to achieve throughout her time with the mag crew. She's rejecting all the power structures and restrictions that've been forced upon her in her youth to now achieve personal liberation, but she still craves approval from some other entity. When she says the above line to Jake, she really wants a reaction from him. I'm sure that these aren't words she'd say if she was a devout Christian, but she's also very clearly exaggerating her feelings in such a way that Jake will find her bold. Star wants to be free, but for a while, she confuses that feeling with others just perceiving her that way. Her journey is electric, and the vitality of American Honey is almost unparalleled, each and every frame pulsing with color and emotion.

The hard-cut away from the music at the end always makes me gasp. Star has been searching for freedom for God knows how long, and on this night, in the lake, by the fire, she finally finds it within herself. Beautiful.

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