Fight Club

Fight Club ★★½

I won't do too long of a write-up because I'm sure nobody wants to read about how much I didn't like their favorite movie, but I do want to clarify my feelings a bit.

Thematically and narratively, I think this is really interesting. The concept of the literal fight club makes sense and it makes for an interesting venue to explore toxic masculinity and the way many men view the world and struggle to deal with complex emotions, specifically rage and anger. The twist, even though I knew it was coming, was still fairly effective and the groundwork for it had certainly been laid. It worked.

Stylistically, I'm just not a fan of this. I say it all the time but I really am so picky when it comes to voice-over narration, and I usually don't like it. Narration is used so heavily in this film, and while I understood that it was a clear stylistic choice and not a lazy way of conveying information as it often is, it still bothered me. I see no reason for the self-reflexivity or the fourth wall breaks and they really pulled me out of the story. The super stylized camera moves, the blurred shots, the altered sense of motion, the soundtrack, all of it works to establish an atmosphere that I could never get into. I see the appeal of it all, but it just went against so many of aesthetic tastes. Perhaps that sounds petty, but it really was such a distraction for me.

Rating: 46/100

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