I, Tonya

I, Tonya

I really tried to like this more the second time around, but it's just so bad. It's all subjective, I know, but I really can't understand how this got nominated for editing. The special effects are atrocious and even the cutting in simple dialogue scenes is jarring. The competing styles in the writing and direction are just as frustrating on their own, none of this ever coming together. Poor execution of an already uneven concept leaves me with nothing to like. If I really squint at this I can somewhat enjoy a few tense sequences, but only if you can fully remove them of their context. 

I still could've liked this to a certain extent if I could've rooted for the main character, but instead, I'm just waiting for her to shut up the whole movie. Robbie is fine in the role, but she's easily the weakest of the nominees this year. I didn't give a damn what happened to Tonya. She's brash and unappealing, and even though I could always sympathize with her on a human level, I honestly chuckled at her tearful monologue. She was complicit in sending death threats to a woman she calls a friend -- that's enough for me to check out. The other characters who just endlessly abuse her are even worse. Julianne Nicholson's character is the only one I could tolerate, but her screen time is limited.

I don't typically write like this, but the praise for this movie has been bothering me for months. I've never seen a film so unsympathetic to its protagonist while also demanding the audience root for her.

Rating: 19/100

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