Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body ★★★★½

This was so much fun to see in a theater. Diablo Cody's script is hilarious, all the actors are on point, and Karyn Kusama directs the shit out of this. The blend of horror and comedy is so successful, but above all else, this is a fantastic exercise in camp -- it's all over the top, but it's consistent. On a thematic level, there's a lot to unpack regarding toxic female friendships (Kusama really drove that point home when she spoke tonight) and compulsary heterosexuality. On a technical level, the cinematography (M. David Mullen is a hell of a DP), editing, and soundtrack are perfect for establishing tone. On a surface level, it's just so damn entertaining. What else could I ask for?

This has been one of the best days I've had all year, and this was the perfect way to top it off. Lucy truly is one of the kindest and most supportive friends I've ever had, and she's the reason I joined this website in the first place. Movies are meant to be experienced, and what a wonderful experience this was.

Rating: 82/100

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