Persona ★★★★½

It's amazing how much we project onto other people when they don't even say a word to us.

This is the most boldly directed film I've ever seen. The script, the performances, the cinematography, the score, the EDITING, the lighting -- I loved all of it, but I can't get over how radical the direction is. There are very few films that really blow me away, but this absolutely did.

I only take off half a star because while I thoroughly enjoyed and was fascinated by this, it often confused me. The narrative starts out simple but gets really damn complicated in the final act, and I can't say I fully understand its conclusion. I couldn't explain to you what all the imagery meant, what it specifically was meant to be, other than a very effective tool in establishing a haunting atmosphere and disjointed sense of reality.

David Lynch probably jacks off to this movie.

(@ friends who didn't like this: I feel like if I weren't in the mood for something this abstract, I probably wouldn't have liked it either. It was the right kind of weird for me.)

Rating: 90/100

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