Prometheus ★★

Another blockbuster with a massive budget for production design and visual effects that fails to entertain due to its poor conception. The dialogue is strange and characters all sound pretty much the same, lacking any individual voice. It feels like it may as well have been entirely improvised, although at least that would have given it a greater sense of authenticity. Nothing said in this film really matters -- the characters are mostly irrelevant, only existing as tools to facilitate action sequences. Some sequences succeed in being disturbing, but none of them were particularly memorable.

For debut films, I'm usually more generous in my ratings if I can see promise in the idea. The film may not been properly developed, but at least it was bold or ambitious. Prometheus is not a debut film on any front. Ridley Scott, Jon Spaihts, and Damon Lindelof have all done better in the past. This film may have some cool ideas, thematically, but they're not executed in a way that I found at all compelling. It crosses the line from being promising in what it could have been to being disappointing in what it is.

Suddenly feeling a lot less excited for Covenant.

Rating: 38/100

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