Run ★★★½

"You didn't do it for me."

A fantastic showcase for Kiera Allen. Run offers her just about everything a new actress could want, allowing her to show a wide range of emotions and talents. Her character quickly realizes the dangerous situation she's in, and the first hour of the film is built with some fantastically tense sequences. A particular escape attempt in the second act was brilliant, doing multiple things I had never seen before. This ingenuity and specificity, also present in the authentic casting of Allen to play a character with a disability, creates a sense of real excitement in an otherwise simple narrative.

It's a little shocking that, beyond what we’re given from the start, there's no major twist here. A few unexpected details are thrown our way in the final act, but none of them truly have much weight. If anything, a particular reveal actually cheapens the emotional impact the film had set up so well. I wish more had been done with the idea of dependency vs. co-dependency, as that was such a juicy element of this story that gets reduced to a few snappy lines of dialogue. This would've left a much better taste in my mouth had it ended better, but I'm still so impressed with the creativity it started out with.

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