Shoplifters ★★★★★

AFI Fest 2018: Movie #8

“This is what you do.”

My favorite movie of the year, no hesitation. So tragic and morally complex, but above all else, Shoplifters overflows with kindness. Every character feels so real and fascinating, and the relationships they form with one another are so unique. I’m obsessed with the family dynamic here, the amount of love shown paired with the feeling that everything could crumble at any moment. The film is not aimless, the plot carrying us through, but the richness of the details made me forget how well this fit a conventional structure.

Each and every performance was magnificent, but Sakura Ando is just on another level here. This was a top to bottom masterpiece to me, from the visual texture to the way it made me feel. I’m thrilled that this took home the Palme. I hope everyone gets the chance to see this.

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