2046 ★★★½

Another dreamy movie about time and memories. Wong Kar-Wai does such a wonderful job with completely entrancing you and with the slow camera pans mixed in with the beautiful score. Very similar style to In The Mood For Love which was refreshing, same jumping of timelines, melancholic romance, and over the top poetic dialogue. Even though this wasn’t fully intended to be a sequel, there are too many connections between 2046 and In The Mood For Love. I recommend focusing on just studying our main character, Chow, than trying to follow his somewhat endless escapade of lovers and their stories. One love story begins as soon as the last one ends, and all while Chow shows us how he can never truly love or be monogamous because of the heartbreak he suffered with Su. Although she is not truly a character in this movie, memories of her show up through Chow and some of his stories. 

The idea of this sci-fi novel Chow is writing during throughout is fascinating, however, the execution of the idea fell short for me. Chows portrayal of himself trying to find love is painful (in a good way) but the androids did not make a great fit. 

Great film if you’re feeling existential or in the mood for something slower and more thought provoking than usual.

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