Midsommar ★★★★½

Holy hell there’s a lot to take in with this film. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this one, as a lot of people have, and the complexity is overwhelming. This is going to resonate with me for awhile and I feel I need to watch this again if not 2 more times to leave a truly proper review. I’ll admit Hereditary did not affect me the way it did most viewers, but Ari’s style paired with an A24 production had me so intrigued.

A celebration in grief, family, traditions, and life. There really is too much to talk about with this. The writing is so unique and I’m really wondering how much of it was creativity and how much was actuality derived from Pagan practices and religion. (This goes so much deeper than Paganism). Absolutely stunning set design, cinematography and score. I don’t care much about awards but I’m very excited to see what this gets nominated for. 

These people love their hallucinogens, I can appreciate this a lot. Actually the most realistic depiction I’ve seen of a mushroom trip. Nature coming to life and breathing with you, pulsating and thriving. It is all just too beautiful.

The only thing about this movie not pushing me to give it a total 5 stars was our main character group themselves. Specifically the men, I know they were supposed to be hated but damn we couldn’t have been even a little more creative with their characters? They were just straight misogynistic douchebags, cool. Inventive. I even hated Dani during the first half with how much she needed her boyfriend and he’s the worst one. Dani blossomed into much more than one of my favorite characters ever in a movie though. What a performance she gives us too, I’m excited to see her in more.

All in all this film has a little bit of everything. Very graphic, spiritual, bright, and will make you feel all too uncomfortable but leave you feeling at ease and at home.

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