Tenet ★★★

Well, I didn’t love it.
But they keep saying ‘We live in a twilight world’ for reasons I won’t divulge here but, wow, I too, live in a Twilight world...

In all seriousness I just think there was too much going on and not enough time to do it right. I’ll catch it again at some point when it’s available for home watch and see if my opinion changes.

Big fan of the big ideas, not huge on a lot of the execution. Comes together well at the end though.

Also yes, the sound mixing is so horrendous that a lot of dialogue is completely lost. I've never wanted subtitles on a movie more in my life. And a lot of the dialogue I could understand was horribly cliche and not remotely emotionally impactful. Someone literally says 'If I can't have you, no one can"

**i live in an area with no cases, theatre at 25% capacity, distanced, and I never took off my mask. This is not the situation most people have so stay safe**

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