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  • Captain from Castile
  • The Red Queen Kills Seven Times
  • Tentacles
  • Avatar: The Way of Water

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  • The Hollow Coin


  • India: Matri Bhumi


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  • Malignant


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  • Creation



    …This is in part because he treats the image not as a text, but as a totem, or a monument. It’s something architectural, experiential, a spiritual place for navigating the eye of the mind—which is to say montage, apparatus, and representation become comparatively irrelevant in light of his philosophy of non-objectivism. Instead, his films are concerned with the intersection of inner and outer space, with the transformation of some abstract object or emotion into a non-objective image-form and vice versa.…

  • The Happening

    The Happening


    a film about what it means to consolidate matters of communication and distance in light of the total collapse of collectivist strength and the social utility therein—about America’s zealotry for strident individualism pushed to its ultimate end by nothing more than the wind through the trees. obviously stands out as the preeminent inheritor to the precise, anti-naturalistic mode of environmental terror that Hitchcock manifests in The Birds, though it’s equally obvious that Shyamalan has no interest in letting such anti-naturalism…

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  • The Mangler

    The Mangler


    oh so i guess y’all who have long recognized this and Toolbox Muders, et al. were taking those advanced letterboxd courses, huh. extremely crazy/good film, often working both in / against its own favor—more often simultaneously. poster image says all u need to know

  • Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry

    Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry


    one of the opening jokes of Meg Stalter’s set for HBO’s queer comedy showcase* involves her stumbling onstage and immediately pretending to try to throw herself off the roof and that 2 second bit alone is funnier and more creative than any single joke in this shit. anyway my italian american grandma loved it!

    *the original upload of which was made private on youtube because hundreds of idiot cunts without a funny bone in their body and who have a…

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  • Pulse



    Kurosawa’s Pulse operates on so many levels it’s tough to keep track of. That being said, it is essential to note that this is not a film about the social dangers of the internet, or what have you. Rather, it is a film about the degradation of human systems—especially those regarding not only communication but representation—and the means through which loneliness and alienation may proliferate as a virus in the wake of such breakdown. The fact that the internet is…

  • Offering



    i hope this is what dying feels like