Alita: Battle Angel ★★★★

Did you ever find peace?
—I found you.
I’m not your daughter. I don’t know what I am.
—I do.

finds a perfect grasp on the line between both claiming and reclaiming identity in the face of technocratic class warfare, managing to embody an instance in which both acts inevitably find us moving forward either way. it seems reductive at this point to refer to this as merely the future of “pop” cinema when its aims and reach are achieved so multilaterally, so i’ll instead refer to what Rodriguez, Cameron, et al, are doing here as a beautiful, immensely heartfelt gesture towards the future of cinema, period. it’d be a full crime against the medium for this not to get the proper sequel it so clearly deserves, but even so, this functions just wonderfully on its own. Salazar is a revelation ❤️


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