The Brown Bunny ★★★

aesthetically stunning from start to finish (clear highlights with the opening race and the nighttime drives), but the intrigue proffered by the ending can’t quite save the somewhat boring narrative that led us there. this is a film with almost equal potential for brilliance and contemptibility (thankfully skewing towards the former), but unlike most people, i don’t really find it situated wholly in either direction, which is perhaps fitting for the aimlessness at hand. 

in other news, this is better and much less gross than Paris, Texas, and i don’t think the comparison is unwarranted.

the closest this comes to autocritique is probably the sequence of him politely declining the offers of the women he drives by on the street in LA, but the possibility of subversion is ultimately flattened by the way the sequence actually pans out, which is unfortunate. still, i definitely didn’t hate this, so that’s something. 


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