Unfriended: Dark Web ★★★★

perhaps the only horror film based in reality (i.e. not supernatural) that is legitimately terrifying to me. watching it again with the knowledge of what happens only makes the way it all plays out so much more utterly mortifying, so hopeless. when talking about horror, most people seem to be of the inverse line of thought—that something which could really happen is far more frightening than something which couldn’t. something like this makes me understand that perspective in a way which i found previously inaccessible, and that’s likely because the terror of Dark Web essentially mirrors that of unreality due to its sheer ubiquity. its affect is perpetual, all-knowing, and inescapable. potential energy scattered out into the ether one keyboard click at a time. 

this is undoubtedly the best ensemble performance of the year, has some of the best cinematography of the year (perfect realization of a desktop aesthetic, anti-cinema pixel-en-scène), is paced more or less perfectly, and features an excellent screenplay to boot. these performers are way too good at this. one of 2018’s best by a mile, and for now, my favorite horror film of the decade. 


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