Eternals ★★★★½

I’m a fairly new Eternals fan. I jumped into Kieron Gillen’s comic relaunch blind and completely fell in love with the unique blend of ancient mythologies and cosmic sci-fi. 

Zhao gets this 100% and has created an ambitious epic that doesn’t compromise its impressive characters, who ironically feel the most human out of every other MCU characters.

I loved this. This is what good comic books are, honest stories with something to say wrapped in beautiful visuals and people punching monsters. It feels fresh but familiar. The flashbacks are the most impressive worldbuilding we’ve ever had in the MCU, and the overarching story is exciting, funny and full of heart and action.

The best word I have for Eternals is beautiful. It has a great cast, gorgeous cinematography and a beautiful score. Probably my favorite comic book movie of all time.

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