The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★

Hoop-tober watch #9

“Boys, boys, boys...”

I’ll cut Tobe some slack with this once since it was made 12 years after the original, but I’ll have to say it’s terribly disappointing compared to it. This one stands as more of a comedy-horror and I’m not sure if that’s intentional. There were a couple of great scenes (thanks to Caroline Williams) but other than that, I found myself to be laughing quite a bit throughout. 

This one focuses more on the family and their dynamics and I found that to be kinda interesting, but since they didn’t delve much into their history or anything, we’re still kinda left wondering why they’re the way that they are. Leatherface sort-of becomes an anti-hero through the only kind of reveal to the family dynamic but we still are left with all kinds of questions. 

The best performance of the film by far is by Caroline Williams. She’s pretty much the only tolerable and intelligent character, but she gets shot down by every single person through her attempts to actually investigate what the hell is going on. Her grunts while running for her life deserve an Oscar, tbh. 

Overall, I found this movie to be pretty typical for it’s time. Nothing bad, certainly not fantastic, but it was a fun watch.