Jeremiah Dollins

Jeremiah Dollins


I am a teacher and writer living in Colton, CA with an incredible passion for film and film culture.

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  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun


    A perfect melodrama that plays subtextually as a gay man’s struggle between the life that is expected vs. the life they want. Monty Clift gives an intense performance as George Eastman, who is torn between two women. It’s interesting to me how Clift’s Hollywood hermit image outside the studio informs this performance. He’s a man trying to preserve his privacy, even from those he purports to love. The irony is that while privacy is swell, it is the truth that sets you free, and neither Clift nor his fictional counterpart ever really left the cage.

  • Candyman



    Say his name five times and he’ll appear. It’s a fun game, to be sure, fueled by the adolescent thrill of the unknown. In every culture, there is some form of the bogeyman meant to encourage the push-pull of compliance and temptation. In the Netherlands, they are the Bokkenrijders, a terrifying group of goat riding thieves come to steal your soul. In Spain, it’s the Hombre del Saco, a spindly, unhealthy looking man who kidnaps unsuspecting children in daylight and…

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  • A Shot in the Dark

    A Shot in the Dark


    It's hard for me to judge A SHOT IN THE DARK based on its own merits, as I usually do, because I watched it on the request of my son, Tommy. Tommy is almost 14, and has autism. For the last few years he has been obsessed with film composers. He can recite the IMDb filmographies of most with savant-like precision, and often corrects me. His current favorite is Henry Mancini, and he asked me to sit down and watch…

  • Romeo & Juliet

    Romeo & Juliet


    Disclaimer: I am a high school English teacher. I mainly teach Freshman English. Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET is a required text. In 15 years, I've taught it about 10-12 times. So, it should be duly noted that I am hypercritical of any adaptation of a play with which I am incredibly familiar.

    ROMEO & JULIET sucked. It is the worst adaptation of this play I've ever seen, and that includes high school stage productions, which make up for their lack of…