Tenet ★★★½

I really liked it. I'll be honest, it's super confusing to me right now, but I believe that this is a movie that I will enjoy re-watching. And I mean, really enjoy it!
Only a man like Christopher Nolan could come up with such a concept and not be confused about it for even a second. I can only imagine what reading the script must have felt like for the actors, especially John David Washington and Robert Pattinson.
Speaking of John David, as much as I enjoyed the "Protagonist", my favorite character in this film has to be Robert Pattinson's Neil.
There's just something about that character's energy, almost like he's calm and having fun, despite all the serious confusion. Elizabeth Debicki's character Katherine had a simple yet important character arc. Kenneth Branagh definitely tried playing the Russian bad guy, probably my least favorite main character.

Special praise to the stunt team and VFX department. PERFECT.
The opening scene really pumps you up for the rest of the film.

Again, I can't discuss anything else at the moment because I really need to do a re-watch.

Last but definitely not the least, Ludwig Göransson's score!! 🔥🔥

(I've heard a lot of people complain about the sound mixing, but I had clear subtitles for every single scene and I watched it in IMAX. So, no complaints from me. 😊👍🏼)

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