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  • Hotel by the River

    Hotel by the River


    Almost offensively bad, in a lazy, careless way that makes me regret the effort and time I granted it. Laughably inane dialogue, vapid performances that offer nothing beyond the paper-thin characterisations, and poor, thoughtless execution. It's hard to think of another film with so few characters where nearly everyone's arc is unsatisfying, if not outright inexplicable. This would have been laughed off as an amateurish student film were it made in the English language and by a less acclaimed director.

  • I Am Legend

    I Am Legend


    My dad, who was watching this film for the 15th time, said "it's very entertaining but not as good as World War Z. And he's right on both counts.

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  • Cold War

    Cold War


    It's quite a remarkable achievement to make such a beautifully photographed film at only 88 minutes feel like a real bore, but Pawlikowski does it.
    The storytelling structure —brief snapshots across the years of the progression of two lovers' romance— makes it incredibly difficult for the film to develop either of the two main characters, or for the audience to become invested in them at all. They are rough sketches, drawn in very grand cinematic images, but their feelings and…

  • Us



    This is hella fun, and a significant step forward for Jordan Peele as a director. The set pieces are outstanding, the humour is sharp, the performances, especially Lupita Nyong'o's, are sensational.
    Sadly, it is also full of horror tropes that Peele smartly avoided in Get Out, with characters here making inexplicable decisions that only characters in horror films make. And the allegory is both too broad and too explicit, but in the end, who cares when you're having that much fun? This is just pure entertainment.