Tenet ★★★

Let's start with the film's redeeming qualities. The most obvious amazing thing that the film does is the battlefield sequence at the end which genuinely left me wondering, "How the hell did Nolan achieve that?". The technicalities to make the blue and red soldiers to fight side by side linearly+reverse must be hard and I give props to Nolan for that, especially the scene where they blew up the building. Second, Tenet genuinely has the best intro to a film and it made me so hyped up, which I then was let down for the rest of the movie.

Now let's go to where the film is bad. One, as Nolan do what Nolan does, his characters are just meant for expositions and I feel like this film is his worst one for it because all of them are just walking movie tropes. Don't let me get started at how bad Kat is. I feel like the criticism on how Nolan writes bad woman characters got into his head and so he went like, "you know what? I'm gonna add some spice to my lead woman this time by having her care about her child. Job well done me."

Also, the dialogue is atrocious and I still don't know what the point of the scene with Michael Caine (because you can barely hear them and I basically got a headache from the infinite cuts they had in that particular scene). Every sentence spoken can be predicted by any film buffs and as someone who's favourite part of the film is their screenplay, I was actually quite sad. Not a film that I will rewatch that's for sure.

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