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  • Chung Kuo: China

    Chung Kuo: China


    “But, soon, we realize that it's us
    who are peculiar and foreign.
    For the people to the other side of the camera,
    we're completely unknown
    and perhaps a bit ridiculous.”

    Spoiler alert: this movie isn't about China.

    The context is that of the early 1970s, in the aftermath of that Cultural Revolution that dramatically shaped the face of 中国, the Middle Kingdom, to this day.
    Chung Kuo Cina was one of the very first attempts by the newly founded Chinese…

  • Blue



    Short story:
    Better than Avatar.

    Long story:

    How should I rate this? Which movie am I actually judging here, Blue by Derek Jarman or the movie I was actually orchestrating right before my eyes (or right behind the back of my head) while sitting in front of Blue by Derek Jarman?
    If we conceive a film, hence the screen as a window that lets the viewer glance into another possible world, then that Klein blue hue exhibited the whole…