A Visitor to a Museum

A Visitor to a Museum ★★★★

This film was so close to becoming a masterpiece, but it got too ambiguous for my taste and it ended up missing part of its initial charm along with a concrete resolution.

The plot follows a tourist who is looking for the ruins of a museum in a chemically contaminated wasteland where trains drop garbage as far as the eye can see. Due to these conditions, most of the locals born with physical and mental abnormalities and they're kept in reservations or as servants. However, they're actually a community tied by religious belief and the oppression of the "normals". They will eventually develop an interest for the protagonist and his quest.

It feels both like Tarkovsky's Stalker and Lopushanskiy's former film, Dead Man's Letters. I'll admit it's a heavy watch that demands the best of your interpretations, but definitely worth it for some really haunting scenes, nightmarish post-apocalyptic scenery and post-watch reflections.