Scream ★★★★★

Scream is the best horror film of all time. People may think it's corny, childish and it's not really scary but I beg to differ. Every year on October 1st I watch Wes Craven's masterpiece and I always find something new. The connections he makes from the beginning of the film foreshadows the outcome within the first scene that we meet Sidney and Billy. It's uncanny how everything is perfectly crafted and if you don't watch this film more than once, you most likely won't catch it. This is the most well written, original horror film and people should appreciate it more. It uses the same conventions, it mocks those same tropes and still mirrors them in each and every scene throughout the film. I love every single reference to other horror films because it works as a fantastic satire.

Besides the great storyline, Craven gave us Sidney Prescott. Sidney is the in the same league as Jamie Lee Curtis', Laurie Strode from the Halloween movies. Both of them are such strong horror heroines that it made both franchises into legendary horror classics. Scream and Halloween are both iconic not because of Michael Myers and Ghostface but for Sidney and Laurie who were ballsy and took control of the situation.

This story is so intricate and detailed that all the twists are cleverly placed in a never-ending cycle of a whodunnit. It mixes elements and uses these same tropes that we all know and love to give us a familiarity and then spinning it around. If you haven't seen this film then please watch it. Don't take it too seriously and enjoy how everything unfolds. If you have seen it, then I highly recommend watching it with someone who hasn't, just to see their reaction.

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