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  • Uncle Yanco
  • Mississippi Masala
  • Surviving Desire
  • Petulia

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  • Memoria



    “Every step we take on earth brings us to a new world." 
    —Federico García Lorca

    Amy’s Progress | Ep 17 | Adam

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  • Moneyball



    I love how Miller lets Brad recalibrate. Has him drive to an empty lot just to sit alone and ruminate. Marinate. Stew. Billy Beane vs. the World. Everybody against him save for Jonah’s Brand—Yale’s lucky clover whizkid serenading stats.

    When you get the answer you’re looking for, hang up
    . Pitt channeling Jerry Maguire & Raylan Givens, justifying his clean slate. He hates losing even more than he wants to win. He can’t bear to watch a live game. He hurls a chair…

  • Swimming to Cambodia

    Swimming to Cambodia


    Twelve years ago I was living and working in Evanston, Illinois, and my coworker Mayra suggested I try yoga to empty my mind. So I Google searched and located the nearest yoga studio—studio’s the word the receptionist used when I called and asked, ignorantly, do I need to make an appointment, to which she said, no, you just show up, the times are posted, wear loose clothing, we’ll see you at the studio. This was hot yoga, mind you, not just…

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  • Maestro



    Maestro has the emotional intelligence of a 12-year-old. Subtle as a sledgehammer. She looks over, he’s gripping another man’s hand, the camera eases in. She’s jealous, she’s livid, she’s had enough. She drops his LB monogrammed slippers on the floor in the other room ‘cause, gasp! Guess who’s exiled to that couch again tonight, Lenny.

    Sorry, Bradley. Plop this atop the Mank Eyes of Tammy Faye Being the Ricardos dirty laundry heap. Actors Acting, nothing nuanced to say. Two and a half hour time-suck drag, like overhearing a gossipy coworker complain about their marital problems using kindergarten terms. Snooze.

  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    AMY is DIZZY with EXCITE

    Poor Things meets me exactly where I am, and it’s a wondrous miraculous magical thing. I just got out, a thousand thoughts swirling, the sky a soothing grey, HUGE smile on my face.

    Lanthimos gave me 180 redemption to Steve McQueen's Shame—the tangly problem and daring solution. Furious jumping, bold adventures, fancy philosophers, oysters & champagne. An Education circa Yorgos overflowing off the we don’t do that in polite society brim. So INVIGORATING, so TRUE, it’s that…