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  • Oz the Great and Powerful

    Oz the Great and Powerful


    If you see one Sam Raimi movie about a charming and cowardly cad magically thrust into a strange land to become the unlikely hero foretold in a prophecy who uses skills learned from his far-off homeland to marshal a ragtag army of craftspeople against a disproportionate force of evil foes, including his former love interest who has undergone an evil makeover, make it ARMY OF DARKNESS.

    I honestly couldn't believe that Sam Raimi would remake ARMY OF DARKNESS like this…

  • Sliver



    I guess I gotta start reading Ira Levin because he seems to have improved upon Sartre's hypothesis. Hell isn't other people. Hell is people. Your horrible self included.

    Anyway, a fun drinking game for this movie would be to take a swig of beer each time you would FLAT OUT SLAP A FUCKER ACROSS THE FACE for saying to you what a character just said to Sharon Stone. Don't use anything higher proof than beer or you'll wind up in the ER.

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  • All the Creatures Were Stirring

    All the Creatures Were Stirring

    In my experience, the Los Angeles horror community is warm, welcoming, enthusiastic, and supportive. It's not without its fair share of cattiness or petty jealousies, of course, but generally speaking I would say it has a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. I mention this because CREATURES features many familiar faces and names from this community, which only serves to prove my point. What I found myself thinking while watching CREATURES, however, is that perhaps we need to reevaluate the way in…

  • Blood Fest

    Blood Fest


    A dear friend of mine gets really hot under the collar about THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. He feels like the filmmakers are taking a standpoint of creative superiority over the movies they reference, all while not contributing much new material of their own to the genre they're "lampooning." Now, I don't personally feel that way about CABIN, but I did find myself becoming irritated at BLOOD FEST for similar reasons. If horror movies are all so rote, so pathetic,…