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  • Love Actually

    Love Actually


    The first time I saw this, I wasn't so fond of it because of the Alan Rickman/Emma Thompson storyline. I hate cheating and I hate predatory females like Alan Rickman's secretary. But the next time I saw it, I focused on the real love stories and I liked it much more. However, I haven't watched it in a couple of years and I'd forgotten a lot about it. I recently read an article about how unromantic this movie is, and…

  • Remember the Night

    Remember the Night


    I love everything Barbara Stanwyck is in and this is no exception. It's so nice to see her with Fred MacMurray as a couple who is actually in love as opposed to the twisted couple they play in "Double Indemnity". You root for them to fall in love and are not disappointed. :)

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  • The Mysterious Lady

    The Mysterious Lady


    Again, Greta Garbo is a magnificent vamp, but one with a heart this time. And Conrad Nagel is superb. I had thought him kind of blah and awkward in "The Divorcee", but in this film, he was handsome and very talented—you could tell what von Raden was thinking just by a subtle look.

    The version I saw had a really weird score. Parts of it were good, but then other parts had saxophone bits that were way too reminiscent of bad 80s sensual thrillers. "Beyond the Rocks" and "The Mirror Crack'd" also had similar saxy scores.

  • The Greeks Had a Word for Them

    The Greeks Had a Word for Them


    Joan Blondell is at her prettiest in this film and Madge Evans is lovely as well. However, Ina Claire just doesn't do it for me. Possibly because her character is intolerably annoying, but I really can't see how any man would fall for her. She's just really good at playing irksome characters (like Grand Duchess Swana in "Ninotchka"). Now that I've seen more David Manners films, I'm inclined to like him more in this film. Before, I thought he was…