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Joe Grabinski


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  • Melinda and Melinda

    Melinda and Melinda


    Interesting premise: two parallel stories taking place in different universes. One a comedy and the other a tragedy, both starring Radha Mitchell. An interesting experiment given those are the two distinct genres Woody dabbles in. I had some difficulty following which story was which but it didn’t really affect my enjoyment.

    Radha Mitchell should’ve been a star. She carries this movie and I couldn’t recall her name (or even recognize her) until I looked her up afterwards. A shame. Will…

  • American Wedding

    American Wedding


    Not particularly good but I love these movies. And I’ve only seen this one once before so not a nostalgia rating, aside from nostalgia for the first two.

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  • Sincerely Louis C.K.

    Sincerely Louis C.K.


    I used to scream with laughter watching Louis C.K. standup specials but the humor doesn’t do it for me anymore. Doesn’t feel remotely clever like it used to. I can’t quite tell if it’s because of the controversy/scandal or if I’ve grown out of it or if it’s because I’m dead inside. Probably a combination of the three.

  • The Trump Prophecy

    The Trump Prophecy


    I had to leave after 30 minutes. I was trying so hard not to laugh and couldn’t hold it in any longer.