Parasite ★★★★★

The more I think about Parasite, the more I truly, deeply appreciate it. Is it the decade's best? I have only one, teeny tiny qualm with a specific scene towards the end, and it's more of a stylistic choice that I would have personally done differently. Beyond that, this film is pretty much perfect. And it's daring and wholly original. The film literally unfolds like a Transformer, as the story continues to unfold, and the narrative tone shifts under your feet. It's so incredibly satisfying. The use of verticality throughout the film in relation to the themes of class inequality are a treat as well. And while Parasite is expertly crafted, it's also just so much FUN. It's fun in the same way a Spielberg blockbuster is fun. It's art, but it's for everyone--and did I mention how FUN it is? Parasite is an absolute must-see.

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