Greenberg ★★★

This is Brooklyn native Baumbach’s look at Los Angeles.  While this has the predictably sun-splashed look of a LA movie, our protagonist Hank Greenberg spends much of his time in a sweater and vest.  I suspect this to suggest that ol’ Hank is out of place.  Which, as a New Yorker with New York attitude to spare, he is.   

Hank seems to be a New York version of Jeff “Dude” Lebowski.   Especially when he tells an old friend that “right now, I’m just trying to do nothing for a while. “  However, Hank has little of the Dude’s charm.  In spite of this, Baumbach made me like this guy I would otherwise want to throttle.  

Liked the support by future Academy Award (director and original screenplay) nominee Greta Gerwig and Rhys Isfans.