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  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

    The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar


    “The seeing is done by another part of the body.”
    “Which part?”

    Now more than ever I am ready to go up in arms against anyone who dares to say that Wes Anderson values style over substance.

    We know Roald Dahl is the king of all things whimsy, but I wholeheartedly believe that Wes is one of the few directors who managed to take one of his stories and adapt it in a way that feels earnest but never childish.…

  • Theater Camp

    Theater Camp


    “Camp isn’t home, but is it kind of? I think it kind of is.”

    As someone with a severe aversion to musical theatre I can’t believe how funny and genuinely moving this was.

    It’s true that the story is very basic and most of the characters are extremely one-dimensional, but fortunately for us, the cast absolutely carries the entire film.

    Molly Gordon and Ben Platt give two of my favourite comedic performances of the year, and the two scenes Ayo Edebiri and Alan Kim share are literal gold.

    Very surprised with this one!

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  • Barbie



    “I want to do the imagining, I don’t want to be the idea.”

    I almost don’t want to say anything because people will think I’m “just being a hater” no matter what I say, but I couldn’t call myself a critic if I didn’t.

    Unfortunately, I found this movie to be as hollow as the plastic dolls that inspired it. 

    Every scene in this script tries to convince you that it’s saying something important about gender, sexism, humanity. But it…

  • Oppenheimer



    “You are an American Prometheus, someone who gave them the power to destroy themselves.”

    There are ideas so big that they couldn’t possibly fit inside one person’s mind. Ideas that have the capacity to alter the world, in some form or another.

    No one can deny that the creation of the atomic bomb was one of the biggest and most influential achievements in the history of humankind, just as no one can argue that it may just have been the…