Suspiria ★★★★

I think this film might be the most intense & chill-inducing cinema experience I’ve had all year. 

Very rarely at movies I just freeze up, mouth wide open, and get goosebumps all over my body. The only other time I've felt that this year was with Hereditary but this happened to me twice during this movie. I'm not grossed out by blood and gore stuff but there's some bone and other weird body stuff in this that made me super uncomfortable like I just became super aware of the bones in my body and joints and didn't want to move. There are sequences in this movie that are terrifyingly gory, and the film as a whole really, from a visual & stylistic standpoint, is an experiment in utter terror.

One thing I really loved about this film is the juxtaposition of the beautiful dancing and the horror elements in this.  If anything I’d give Luca props nailing that tone correctly compared to the original. And although I prefer Argento’s version at this point in time, there’s definitely a certain level of campiness in the original that I’m glad the remake didn’t try to replicate. 

I think a lot of fans of the original movie are going to hate this one. Luca pretty much just took the general concept of the original, and reshaped it to have a lot of metaphorical subtext related to 70’s Berlin.  Compared to the original, some of it works and some of it doesn’t. But I feel like when you stop trying to compare it to the original, a significant amount of criticism for this film gets taken away.

I’ve been sitting on this film for a couple of weeks now cause my mind was extremely perplexed immediately coming out of it. But even after having a lot of time to think about it....... I still don’t know, man. This is one of those films where you’re questionable about a lot of things but at the same time you feel like you just witnessed a masterful piece of art. But I came out of it with mostly positive thoughts, so until I can squeeze in a second viewing, I’ll stick it in the ‘good to great’ range.

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