Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

First time watch, finally. There is no denying this is an absolute classic. The beautiful songs, coreography, set design, costume design, cinematography; the colors were popping from the screen. The story itself was quite enjoyable as well. I fell in love with the three leads. The chemistry between them is of the best I've ever seen. I was smiling all the way through. Very funny as well. Donald O'Conner stole the show in my opinion. His dance moves are flawless, his charisma is adorable and his charm is undeniable. After 67 years it still holds up to this day. Musicals aren't really my thing, but I enjoy a good one every once in a while. Although, I think my appreciation for the genre has grown a bit after watching Singin' in the Rain. It’s truly a perfect film.

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