Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★★½

Film Club #47

"I have responsibilities! Jesus Christ himself has blessed me with many gifts, one of them is knocking someone the fuck out!"

I can't believe this, any of it. I can't believe this is what this movie is, I can't believe I like it so much, and most of all I can't believe this is even remotely close to being based on a true story. I try to form my own opinions on everything I watch, but after seeing once or twice that this is actually a biting satire instead of something pathetically stupid, it's pretty much undeniable. I've said it before, you don't make a movie like this on accident or out of incompetence. You have to know exactly what you're doing to write characters and dialogue this stupid and reprehensible while also skewering basically every aspect of American greed, and you have to know what you're doing to film it in such an insane way. There's objectification of men and women in basically equal measure, and I've never seen that before. This is the perfect script for Bay to tackle. This is my ideal version of what Spring Breakers was supposed to be. I'm honestly stunned.

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