Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Making these Spider Man movies into full-fledged teen comedies was a perfect decision, the humor is solid and makes for such an easy watch. I like that the camerawork and visuals in the action scenes is actually more dynamic, because it's noticably not been the MCU's strong suit. The main players are great, but these movies are made by the super charismatic cast of side characters and of course the comedic plants of Starr and Smoove. And I just really like Zendaya in these, I'm sorry but snarky millennial MJ just totally works for me. The main thing holding this back is pacing I think, very enjoyable outside of that though.

We did it! The 5 month rewatch journey is over, it was a fun trip. It was surprising how many of these sucked, and how badly in some cases though. I don't expect to revisit most of them, but at least now none of them are empty voids in my memory.

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