Your Name.

Your Name. ★★

Secret Cinema round 21
Primary, recommended by ? (I really need to backtrack and fill these in at some point)

Disliking an SC pick for the first time is an inevitability and it's a bummer, but for it to be this one is worse. This is so incredibly up my alley, to a ridiculous degree, and I actually really love the framework and plot in the abstract. Something about the execution just didn't pull together for me, I couldn't get invested in the relationship even though I really tried to. The animation is gorgeous, and I loved the score and soundtrack to bits. Sometimes things just don't pan out, but maybe I can try it again later on down the road. The ending scene is fantastic though, kind of breaks through my disinterest.

I'm not holding this super hard against the movie, but the groping thing got pushed way too far

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