To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You ★★½

Not as good as the first one. I know nothing about the books, but this felt like a sequel made after an unexpected success, when studios are like "oh, so people loved this, let's make another one real quick". And it definitely shows in the writing.

That said, it's still quite charming and it maintains it's thoughtful and respectful approach to the characters. No one needs to behave like a duche or a bitch in order to make the other one likable. They are allowed to be imperfect kids who are trying their best and make mistakes. That's okay. 🎶Some mistakes get made, that's alright, that's okay.🎶

ps. It's still beautiful. The cinematography, the lighting on the faces and the background, the set design and decoration, the color palette... It's just beautiful to look at.

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