Enola Holmes ★★★½

Frothy, delightful fun! Does many things I love (most notably, breaking the fourth wall—will I ever tire of it?) and very few I don't.

Cast is quite good overall: Sam Claflin plays awful men as well as he wears a moustache (spoiler: very well) and Henry Cavill is...an interesting choice for Sherlock Holmes, but I love him and his expressive eyebrows. I think I liked his Holmes! Millie Bobby Brown is mostly good, and I think she's going to get better and better. Louis Partridge plays a lost puppy very well (and I love a boy who loves flowers). And always love seeing Helena Bonham Carter, no matter how little.

Nice costumes; generally looks great! To be honest, I thought it'd be terrible, so was pleasantly surprised. Would definitely watch a sequel.

Extra half a star for Henry Cavill's glorious hair.

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