Girlfriends ★★★★★

“And what’d you do about it?”
“Nothing... I’m too chickenshit”
“Stop feeling sorry for yourself”

I love when movies are about ostensibly small things (your closest friend moving out, struggling for work) but blow them up and treat them large, because that’s how you feel when you’re in the middle of them. And then in retrospect those small things make up your life, so my theory is this is the approach that most authentically reflects/recreates life. 

I don’t notice how tired I am of seeing “cool girl” characters until I see characters like Susan who sit normally (slumped), wear baggy clothes, rush to work, joke around and don’t take themselves too seriously.

I hate the comparisons to mumblecore this gets: it is so much warmer than Frances Ha, which I think it’s unjustly compared to, or any other cynical Baumbach shit which completely lacks worldview, character, heart. Something can be low-key and set in New York and not be mumblecore; Also New York in the 1970s, to me, has a completely different connotation than the gentrified version of Girls. If anything is a precursor to mumblecore it’s Annie Hall, all right, leave Claudia Weill alone!

It’s incredible how you get to know all these things about Susan and Anne’s relationship while Anne is mostly off screen, and so much of it is wordless. The whole cast is made up of appealing performers but Melanie Mayron in particular is so natural and magnetic. This is also further confirming that I love talky movies.

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