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  • Silence
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • 20th Century Women
  • Camouflage

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  • Reel in the Closet

  • The Matrix Resurrections

  • Men

  • Ocean's Twelve

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  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


    God with us, in the breeze.
    God with us, in the streams.
    God with us, in our longing.
    God with us, in our laughter.
    God with us, in our tears.
    God with us, in our confusion.

    This film is on spiritual levels matched only by films in the ranking of Silence and First Reformed, namely in talking about conviction, loneliness, and toil.

    Truly heartbreaking and heart-opening.

  • Pain and Glory

    Pain and Glory


    It’s like when you finally get a day to sleep in and you wake up, and everything seems so peaceful. You decide to sleep some more. You go in and out of dreams. You dream about that particularly blissful summer when you were a kid; the shimmer of the pool, your weightless hair swaying underwater.

    You glance at what time it is on your phone, decide you don’t want to ruin the moment by picking it up. You stare without…

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  • Reel in the Closet

    Reel in the Closet

    The recovered memories here are absolutely incredible to see. I got chills multiple times seeing (and sometimes hearing) queer people simply existing almost a century ago. While there may hundreds of narrative fiction that’s recreated from those eras, knowing these were all real people changes things.

    A person who was interviewed said it best: seeing how a person moves and interacts in the world tells you more than a still photograph.

    From a documentary perspective, I wish there were both…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections

    Absolutely riveting. A fantastic action movie that delivers on so much of the legacy it was founded upon. That legacy is perhaps its best ally and enemy.

    My one gripe: so much of the film was bogged down by explanations and callbacks. And the dialogue was a bit prescriptive. I kind of wish it spent the first act explaining everything and then sort of forging a wholly original storyline.

    But it was really original overall, I have to say. The…

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  • The Cakemaker

    The Cakemaker


    Patient, complicated—as most of life often is.

    The film really explores the core of what it means to long for something (or someone) that's gone and the attempt to hold onto any shred of existence that may entrench you deeper into the manifest memory of them.

    (Seen at the Florida Film Festival 2018).

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car

    “I hated her, but that wasn’t the only thing I felt about her.”

    It seems to me like Hamaguchi made an entire film about voids. And filling in those voids. And it's beautiful.

    Beyond the meditative energy of the film, beyond how incredibly well it flows from scene to scene, beyond the perfect orchestration of actors, cinematography, and set design, I think I most appreciated the three-dimensionality of the characters; everyone has something to say and something to offer. Whether…