Suspiria ★★★★

A descent into a world where myth and belief, destruction and realism, dance, deconstruction, and odd impressions of love—all intertwine. It's gory, and yet it has a peculiar beauty, and an incredible flow of movement. "Distinguishable" is an easy word to ascribe to it.

In terms of a plot, hah! I wish I knew how to begin to talk about that. I've probably comprehended about 40% of what I saw. But it was a fascinating experience where I just found myself observing and taking note of a million little details littered throughout.

As a filmmaker, there's so much to gawk over. I would love more than anything if Suspiria received any design-related nomination. The production design, costume design, and graphic design were out-of-this-world. But there's so much to admire from a technical perspective that ultimately does a wonderful job at serving the story—as in, it's not just technically cool for the sake of being cool.

Overall, a film I'd recommend to very few people, but quite the whirlwind of an experience to those who do watch it. My friend I saw it with compared leaving this movie feeling the same way after having watched mother! by Darren Aronofsky, and I couldn't agree more. A mixture of "what the hell did I just see" and "wow, that was quite something—something I can't quite yet fully articulate."

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