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  • Niandra



    Dear letterboxd filmmakers (filmmakers in general)

    Recently me and a couple buddies have made a production and distribution company called
    “Piercing productions”

    We want to help amateur filmmakers like us get into festivals,get the films made they desire, gain support, build growth surrounding their films and mainly take that next step into their filmmaking.

    We invite every filmmaker LB user if they have any projects or films they would love a chance to get into festivals with, we can submit…

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  • Enemy



    Are you ever just having a wank and suddenly the spider from enemy pops into your head?

  • Dangerous Curves

    Dangerous Curves


    "Thank god I'm not the only one"

    Incredible film not only highlighting the empowerment of dancing, but also empowering body positivity and everything in-between.

    Filmed so raw and gentle, captures such a essence of emotion from the people involved.

    Captures the style of everything i want to one day achieve in my filmmaking.

    Truly inspiring piece

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