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  • A Subconscious Stream

    A Subconscious Stream


    You know when you just can’t believe you words you're writing?

    Today i lost my brother.

    Eli was the most heartwarming charming and elegant soul, he taught me so much about cinema art and everything in this world. I remember when we would rabbit for so long he'd and i would fall asleep with out rabbit streams open and in the morning we'd be like "hey.." hahah, we would cry with laughter on the mic to "Nathan for you" and…

  • Niandra



    Dear letterboxd filmmakers (filmmakers in general)

    Recently me and a couple buddies have made a production and distribution company called
    “Piercing productions”

    We want to help amateur filmmakers like us get into festivals,get the films made they desire, gain support, build growth surrounding their films and mainly take that next step into their filmmaking.

    We invite every filmmaker LB user if they have any projects or films they would love a chance to get into festivals with, we can submit…

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  • Waves



    You have so much love to share with the world and so much life yet to live.

    Next level artistry.

  • Showgirls




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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    " Martin open this fucking door now, or i will fuck you and your mother just like you want me to"

  • Mudbound



    Brutally heartbreaking, I was watching this on my laptop on the train and at many scenes I'm there crying my fucking eyes out and this guy goes "why are you crying are you okay?"

    I replied saying
    "It's cinema bro it's fucking cinema"