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This review may contain spoilers.

Its been another 9years!

I've finally finished this beautifully real trilogy and I'm proud to say Richard Linklater is such a creative realistic director.

These films as well as boyhood are such realistic showings of human nature its sometimes almost too relatable.
In this case love.
Its crazy how there are basically 2 characters in these 3 movies but its still touching and entertaining.
The writing is magnificent and i feel Ethan and Julie helping to write these films made the movies even more special. Because they're in a way are the characters and they have the best insight to the characters relationship.
Its such a realistic view of love its so heart warming and touching.

In this film theres many arguments and scenes that maybe aren't romantic and special but we want the characters to resolve the issues and be together.
I feel this is because of the reality of the movie, richard makes us feel like we are involved and a part of everything thats going on.
Its such a new and creative way to look at romantic cinema that i feel its under praised.
The fact the films are physically 9 years apart as well just makes it even more real.

lovely ending though and a great trilogy overall that must be seen!.

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